The International Road Safety Academy (IRSA) and AESLEME signed a collaboration agreement for developing actions for the education of road safety specific for young people between the ages of 16 through 25 called “Road Show”. The ROAD SHOW consists of recreating a night in the life of a young person such as a Friday, at the club with friends and ends in an unexpected tragedy of a car accident and its consequences.

Its success lies in the showing of a multimedia spectacle with special effects and impacting images and the force of the testimonies of the characters: a fearless youth, a disc jockey, a policeman, a fireman, an emergency doctor, a doctor at the hospital, family members of the victim and a patient that has a medullar lesion due to an accident.

The project is founded in the development of the same project in other European countries (North Ireland, Holland, Denmark, etc.)

Currently, the Road Show may be considered as one of the most innovative, efficient and impacting ways to reach youth, for making them aware of the dangers of certain behaviours on the road.