In AESLEME we are especially aware of the prevention of medullar and cerebral lesions in children and young people. School age is the best time to incorporate safe behaviour habits which make responsible citizens and therefore we are carrying out a prevention campaign in teaching institutions and police headquarters.

AESLEME, for more than 32 years, has been carrying out the “It Can Happen to You” accident prevention campaign, which is indented for university students and people in the military for the Communities of Madird, Castilla la Mancha, Castilla y León, Asturias, Andalucía, Basque Country, The Canary Islands, Galicia and Extremadura. “It Can Happen to You” has reached 3.483.222 children and Young people.

The conference "It can happen to you" has been carried out by a team of professionals formed by a Doctor and a person with a spinal cord injury which occurred in an accident. They impart the conference, of approximately two hours, with an interesting power point presentation with videos and which is adequate for different ages.

The structure of the conference is as follows:

  • Primary Prevention: Causes that produce accidents and forms of avoiding then (road education).
  • Secondary Prevention: What to do when an accident occurs so as not to make the existing lesions worse.
  • Tertiary Prevention: Consequences of accidents: medullar lesions and craneoencephalic traumatisms: physical, psychological and social problems.
  • Dialogue: In this part the students ask questions and ask for more information.

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