altAesleme began a new campaign of prevention in 2010: “Enjoy, but be smart”, aimed primarily to the motorists, but not limited to the others drivers. The novelty and originality is that took place in the 4 Motorcycling Grand Prix of Spain (Jerez, Montmeló, Alcañiz y Cheste) and had the support of our great national pilot Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa, Alvaro Bautista, Fonsi Nieto and Marc Marquez, among others 15, some of them world champions in various categories (Moto GP and 125cc Moto2).

The campaign involves the broadcasting of several videos featured by Aesleme´s staff, spinal injuries, and world cup riders. The messages launched contain prevention and road safety messages to attendees. Moreover, and also during the 3 days of the Grand Prize, is handed out informational material (with tips, preventions messeges, information of the new traffic law, etc) to all the fans who come to the circuit and in the town and surroundings.  
AESLEME developed this campaign because of the significant increase in motorcycle and moped accidents in recent years, and therefore, the increase of fatalities and casualties with irreversible damage, such as spinal cord injury or head trauma. The data derived from the National Paraplegics Hospital of Toledo say that, each year, there are more than 1,000 new cases of spinal cord injuries and more than half of these are due to traffic accidents.

The reasons for these injuries irreversible road accidents, 65 percent is still a four-wheeled vehicles. In contrast, in recent years there has been a significant increase in spinal cord injury motorcycle accidents (20 percent). In addition, the age group between 15 and 39 years is approximately 80 percent of revenue in the Hospital for Paraplegics for traffic accidents  and the total casualties, 45 percent are young people between 15 and 25 years. Information material:

AESLEME designed and printed 450,000 flyers to be delivered to the attenders, at the entrance of the Grand Prix. The informative material in expanded format, has a very manageable size (11cm x 6.5 cm) and suitable to be carried in your pocket. Provides the following information:

.- Helmet: reasons for using it, tips to choose the correct one, etc.
.-Safety belt: belt proper use, its usefulness
.-Alcohol and drugs: adverse effects of alcohol, leading
.- The head restraint: its use, how it should be set correctly
.- Alcohol and drugs: adverse effects of alcohol, leading
.-  Table of permitted alcohol levels in air and blood as vehicles.
.- Speed: leading cause of accidents, excessive or inappropriate speed, reduced field of vision.
.- Speed limits and their corresponding penalties or fines: graphic and very simple table with the new penalties and loss of points according to the latest amendment to the Road Safety Act.