• Albert Jovell Award fo “It can happen to you” 2019
  • Road Safety Fundación Línea Directa award 2018
  • Fundación CNAE Award 2017
  • #0ACCIDENTES Award 2017
  • Ponle Premio Junior Award 2016
  • Bronze Medal for Penitentiary Social Merit awarded by Taseval (2015)
  • Insurance Solidarity Awards (2001-2015)
  • ABC Solidario Prize (2014)
  • Cepsa Social Value Award (2013)
  • I-II-III Unespa Award (2009; 2010-2011; 2013-14)
  • Medal of Merit Fuenlabrada City Council Public Safety (2012)
  • Ponle Freno Antena 3 Award (2009)
  • Silver Cross of the Civil Guard (2009)
  • I National Road Safety Awards (2009)
  • Medal of Honor given by Spanish Road Association (2007)
  • II National Security and Emergency Prize (2007)
  • Norauto European Road Safety Award (2006)
  • Silver Medal of the Road Safety (2004)
  • IRTE-Prince Michael Award (2004)
  • Norauto European Road Safety Award (2004)
  • Trophy Cea National Road Safety (2002)

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1st National Road Safety AwardsMar Cogollos, AESLEME director, received the recognition to the “Personal Commitment to Road Safety” within the 1st National Road Safety Awards of the Fundación Club de Seguridad y el Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas (Road Safety Club Foundation and the Government of Alcobendas). The objective was to acknowledge the actions of people, police units, companies, professionals or volunteers for their good practices in management and investigation and training activities in road safety.

UNESPA has awarded the Road Safety Award 2009 – with 50,000€ - to AESLEME. The president of the Permanent Commission of the Comisión de Seguros de Automóviles (Automobile Insurance Commission), Antonio Huertas, said that this decision supposes “continuing supporting the labour of this association in its ‘It Can Happen To You’ prevention and awareness campaign”, a labour that has reached 2 million children and young people.

The president of UNESPA, Pilar González de Frutos, and Antonio Huertas presented the resolution of the 2009 awards which are organised by UNESPA for contributing to the prevention of accidents and reduction of traffic victims. Gustavo Almela, director of AESLEME Exterior Relations, thanked the contribution of UNESPA, stressed the importance of this support, with which AESLEME would not have been able to carry out its work, and summarised the work that is carried out on a day to day basis from this association educating for the safety on the streets. Furthermore, the project Cibersomosaguas received the second prize of 40.000 euros.

Probisa donnates 4,000 euros to AESLEME for its contribution to road safety

Probisa awarded AESLEME and the Civil Guard Foundation the total amount of its ACEX National Award – with 8,000€ - to Conservation of Safety. Mar Cogollos, director of AESLEME, received this donation “with much gratitude, in this difficult year of economic crisis, - Mar commented. - With this money we can reach 10 or 20 thousand kids”. The donation will be destined to the awareness and prevention of traffic accidents “It Can Happen To You” campaign which AESLEME imparts in educational centres and military academies.

On the 25th of November, 2008, the 8th edition of the “Insurance Solidarity Awards” took place and in which 13 NGOs were awarded. The act was celebrated in the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. It was presented by Francine Gálvez and it had the surprising participation of the magicians from the Abracadabra Foundation and the 25 children of the Mestizo Ballet of the Victor Ullate Dance Foundation.

The Instituto de Estudios Superiores Financieros y de Seguros (INESE) (Financial and Insurance Superior Studies Institute) organises these awards each year, they intended to encourage the solidary labour of the insurance sector by means of sponsorship of various initiatives, guided to favour the needy and unprotected.