Spain is represented for Aesleme at the European Youth Forum for Road Safety, a meeting that has been already organized 3 consecutive years. In this forum is supported by the European Commission and young people gather all over Europe and neighboring countries to share lines action and awareness, with the aim of improving road safety among the other young Europeans.

In 2010 this gathering of young people involved in road safety was held in early July in Brussels, brought together representatives from all 27 EU member states and also was opened at seven neighboring countries (Iceland, Norway, Ukraine, Croatia, Tunisia, Algiers and Morocco). In total 65 organizations or associations of young people, motivated and committed to road safety and to return home with new tools, ideas, campaigns and common lines of action that will improve the data of accidents.

During the Forum 2010 was inaugurated the launch of a new awareness campaign, common to all participating countries and based on making posters of illustration, with the 6 main causes of accidents. Until the final poster, the participants together were agreed and chose appropriate messages direct to young people. From AESLEME have translated this message into Spanish, print 5,000 posters (in a first phase) and expose them in Spanish universities and other higher vocational training centers.