Reeducation Courses Penalty Points

ASLEME is involved in reeducation courses, launched in 2006, that must be attended by drivers who lost either some or all the points when the “Penalty Points" norm entered into force.

AESLEME teaches one hour of the Penalty Points Recovery Course in 214 driving schools across Spain. To do this, AESLEME has prepared a multimedia presentation that shows the most serious consequences of accidents: head injuries, spinal cord injuries and amputations, from all points of view: physical, psychological, social, labor, economic... AESLEME has a team of people disabled by accident, who have extensive training in road safety education, throughout Spain.

To impart these talks, AESLEME organizes various training courses throughout the year. The topics are constantly updated, and accident victims who collaborate with us are also trained continuously. At present, there are 90 disabled persons by accident, who have been integrated to the labor market, providing reeducation courses in driving schools.

AESLEME has reached 446.082 infringer drivers by lecturing in 42.967 conferences.


Point system driver´s license pamphlet:

Point system driver's 1 Point system driver's 2 Point system driver's 3 Point system driver's 4  

The concession of these courses has fallen back on the Confederacion Nacional de Autoescuelas (CNAE) (National Confederation of Driving Schools), with which AESLEME has signed a collaboration agreement. In Catalonia, the concession is provided by RACC.

AESLEME imparts one hour of the course to recover the license with points system in 214 driving schools in Spain.

Thus, AESLEME has prepared a multimedia presentation regarding the grave consequences of accidents: craneoencephalic traumatisms, medullar lesions and amputations, from all points of view: physical, psychological, social, work, economic…

AESLEME has a team of disabled people that have become disabled in accidents and who have great training in road safety. We are in nine autonomous communities: Galicia, Asturias, Basque Country, Andalucía, Extremadura, The Canaries, Madrid, Castilla-León and Castilla la Mancha. We are trying to widen our coverage and reach provinces that AESLEME still does not have personnel. For this purpose we will create an employment exchange for people who have grave lesions due to an accident. If there any people interested our number is 91 715 93 82 and a selection will be made to train these people.
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