(Talleres de Seguridad Vial - Road Safety Workshops)

“The penalty of working on behalf of the community imposed in crimes against traffic safety can be accomplished by conducting activities such as road safety workshops (TASEVAL) organized by the relevant authorities. These workshops consist of a formative stage and performing other activities of public utility” and are aimed at people who have 30 or fewer days compliance.

Most of these people have an appropriate profile for the performance of the TBC penalty through TASEVAL. There are more than 100,000 people throughout Spain currently serving or awaiting to serve through TBC for a crime against road safety.

TASEVAL is configured as a set of activities designed to provide offenders with the necessary skills required to overcome the circumstances that led them to commit the criminal offense.

Since 2010, Instituciones Penitenciarias (i.e., Penitentiary Institutions) allows AESLEME to provide at least one hour: a spinal cord traffic injured speaks to the inmates about the most serious consequences of accidents (LM, TCE, amputations, etc.), from the physical, psychological, social, family, emotional, economic, labor, etc., point of view. Given that our speakers are formed on Road Safety, sometimes, the General Directorate of Territorial Coordination and Environment of the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions ask us to intervene on the side of risk factors and preventive measures.

AESLEME has reached 15.618 people in 783 conferences. 

See more about TASEVAL: http://aesleme.es/index.php/actividades/cursos-de-prevencion/545-taseval-talleres-de-seguridad-vial