RACE and AESLEME present the first permanent adapted drivin school in Spain:

El Real Automóvil Club de España RACE (Royal Automobile Club of Spain) and AESLEME have presented, the past 16th of September, 2008, in the Jarama Circuit, the first Permanent Adapted Driving School for disabled people which will allow this collective to perfect their driving and solve risk situations.

This school, which has the sponsorship of Renault and Mercedes, and the collaboration of Guidosimplez and Michelin, will be located in the installations of the Jarama circuit in Madrid and will be directed by disabled drivers and/or by their family members or friends. For this, Various vehicles from the sponsoring brands have been adapted, and the objective is to make the driving experience as real as possible, having situations in which the driver might find himself in daily traffic.

The RACE – AESLEME Adapted Driving School will impart driving courses during the whole year and, to register, the person has to contact AESLEME who is in charge of managing the courses according to the disability of the driver. Furthermore, in www.race.es and AESLEME web page you may find all the necessary information for these driving courses.

The courses realized were:
Date Nº Children Nº Partners Total
12 octubre 2008 5 4 9
15 noviembre 2008 5 5 10
20 diciembre 2009 4 4 8
18 enero 2009 5 2 7
24 enero 2009 3 1 4
Total 22 16 38

If you are interested, fill in a registration form and send it via fax to AESLEME (913512997).

More Information:
RACE  91 594 73 98  www.race.es
AESLEME 917159382